Terms Of Use
  • Pfizer Australia Pty Ltd respects the privacy of individuals using the Application. Please view Pfizer's Privacy Policy at www.pfizer.com.au.
  • Pfizer does not have access to any data or personal information entered into the Application.
  • The Application has a 'Reminder' feature which allows you to set reminders to help you remember when to take your Pfizer medications. These Reminders should not be solely relied upon.
  • Please note that if you download the Application onto your Apple iPhone device and if you opt-in to use "iCloud" on your Apple iPhone device, any personal information included in the 'Reminder' setting of the Application (eg. the name of the medication you are taking, dosage and time) will be stored in Apple data centres/Apple databases located overseas. If you download the Application onto your Android device, any such personal information that is collected will be stored locally on your Android device. Pfizer cannot guarantee the security of any personal information stored in either Apple data centres/Apple databases located overseas or on your device.
  • In addition, please remember that if personal information is stored locally on your device, if you lose your device, such personal information would be vulnerable to exposure. To the extent that this Application will serve as your primary or sole repository of important personal information, please remember that if you lose the device, you will lose your personal information stored on the device.
  • You may not receive Reminders if you obtain a new device which does not include the Application.